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Apeks Socket & Extension Set

The Apeks Socket & Extension Set is specifically designed to remove, install, and torque the yoke nut on most Apeks first stages. The extension features a 3/8” square female drive to fit a 3/8” torque wrench or ratchet handle. The extension is a 5/16” HEX Allen key that will fit through the Yoke Hole. The 3/4” (19mm) socket features a 5/16” HEX female socket drive and the exterior has been shaped to capture the yoke nut completely. Both the extension and the socket are hardened tool steel. Both extension and socket are Electro-less nickel plated. The extension and socket are rated for a maximum torque of 45 ft. lbs. If the yoke nut is corroded in place and requires more than the maximum torque to remove the nut, damage to the socket may occur.



Apeks Socket & Extension

SI-20242500    $35.00


Apeks Cover Key
Fits: AT 20, ATX 40, ATX 50,
TX 200,& ATX 200

The Apeks Cover Key is designed to remove a variety of Apeks second stage covers (see illustration). Apeks covers have been changed a number of times over the past 10 years making it difficult to design and select the correct tool for any specific second stage.

This cover key utilizes a round center disc that fits into the purge button cavity (with or without the purge button installed). The drive tab on the outer perimeter indexes with any hole in the cover large enough to accept the tab. The cover can be rotated in either direction by applying pressure to the sides of the tool. Machined from aluminium with an acetal center disc.




Apeks Cover Key

SI-20240200    $15.00



Apeks TX100 Cover Tool & Hook Spanner

The illustration shows two tools specifically designed for the Apeks TX100. The cover tool is machined from aluminum and incorporates two rectangular drive posts that index with the slots in the TX100 cover.

The hook spanner (far right) is designed to remove the main diaphragm retainer and the ambient diaphragm cap. Separation of these two components may require two hook spanners. This tool is machined from aluminum alloy and the hook pin is an 1/8" stainless steel dowel pin.


Apeks TX100 Cover Tool

SI-20236200    $14.50



TX100 Hook Spanner (#6)

SI-20406200    $15.00


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