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Genesis First Stage Wrench

The Genesis Spanner Wrench is a dual function tool that is used in the disassembly/assembly of Genesis first stages.

The crescent spanner is an open end wrench that fits the outside diameter of the inline first stage. The drive pin can be indexed in any of the perimeter ambient holes, and the wrench can be used to turn the cap in either direction.

The three pin socket spanner is designed to fit the cap on the 900 first stage. The socket diameter fits the cap and the three drive pins can be indexed with any three of the blind holes in the end of the cap. The cap can be both removed and installed with this spanner.

The Genesis First Stage Wrench is machined from aluminum bar stock and fitted with stainless steel pins.


Genesis First Stage Wrench

SI-20600200    $28.00


Genesis Poppet Tool Kit

The Genesis Poppet Tool Kit is designed to assist the technician in the assembly, disassembly, and adjustment of the demand valve components.

The kit consists of a special wrench for starting and adjusting the nyloc nut, and a poppet drive tool for turning the poppet from the outside of the case. The poppet drive tool also retains the poppet and spring without inward hand pressure.

Note: This tool kit can be used on all models of Genesis second stages. To conserve space, only one second stage is shown in the illustration.

The wrench is machined from aluminum and the poppet drive assembly is machined from 300 series stainless steel with a molded knob.

This tool kit has received extremely high praise for simplifying the job of installing the demand valve components on both Genesis and Oceanic second stages.


Genesis Poppet Tool Kit

SI-20640100    $55.00


Genesis Cover Rim Clamp

The Genesis Cover Rim Clamp is designed to assist the technician in removing second stage diaphragm retaining rims that can not be normally removed by hand.

The clamp is machined with two different size internal ledges to fit all Genesis GS2000, Atlas, Octopus and Oceanic Gamma 2, Explorer, and GT second stages. The ledges are sized to fit the rims exactly to help prevent rim distortion during removal. After the rim has been installed into the clamp, the clamp can be "squeezed gently" in a bench vise to keep the rim from slipping while it is removed.

The Genesis Cover Rim Clamp is machined from aluminum bar stock and vibratory finished to remove all burrs.

Genesis Cover Rim Clamp

SI-20680200    $23.00



Genesis/Sherwood Inflator T-Tool

This Inflator T-Tool fits both Genesis & Sherwood power inflators.

The valve assembly can be removed by indexing the two drive tabs into the slots machined into the valve body (see top illustration). These slots are recessed under the inflator button.

After the valve assembly has been removed, the T-Tool can be used to hold the button while the center brass spool is removed. The opposite end of the tool is internally machined with a slight taper. The taper serves to hold the button while the center spool is unthreaded (see bottom illustration).

The body of the tool is Acetal and Stainless Steel with a stainless steel cross tee.

The nut driver pictured in the illustration is not included in the price of the tool.


Genesis Inflator T-Tool

SI-20660200    $35.00


Genesis/Sherwood Inflator Dump Button T-Tool

This Inflator Dump Button Tool is designed to remove the recessed nut assembly that retains the dump button and spring. This tool also can be used to remove the quick disconnect (QD) fitting.

The dump nut can be captured by the tool and unthreaded by inserting the 9/16" hex broached end of the tool into the BC hose cavity. After inserting the tool and indexing the socket over the dump nut, push the dump button in as far as it will go before removing the nut. This procedure will keep the dump button from rotating during disassembly.

The opposite end of the tool is machined with a special split driver to assist in removing the QD fitting from the inflator body. This tool feature was included to remove the original QD fitting that did not have hex flats at the base of the fitting. The split driver may not be strong enough to remove a very tight QD fitting.

The body of the tool is machined from white acetal plastic with a stainless steel cross pin.


Genesis Inflator Dump Button T-Tool

SI-20670400    $20.00


Cover Retaining Ring Tool

The Cover Retaining Ring Tool is designed to thread/unthread the notched retaining ring that secures the logo cover and diaphragm in the Aqualung® Micra (Micra ADJ) and Genesis® Valor second stages.

The machined drive tabs on the tool index with any two adjacent notches in the retaining ring, permitting the ring to be easily removed/installed. The inside diameter of the tool has been reduced to allow it to slide over the logo cover. The orientation of the logo, in relationship to the second stage housing, may require some trial and error to achieve precise alignment.

The Cover Retaining Ring Tool is machined from 6061-T6 aluminum tubing.


Cover Retaining Ring Tool

SI-20210200    $12.50


"C" Clip Tool

The "C" Clip Tool is designed to assist in the disassembly/assembly of the following second stages:

SeaQuest® XR2® (all tool functions)
Aqua Lung® Impulse® (all tool functions)
Aqua Lung Micra®-Micra ADJ®
("C" Clip function)
Genesis® Valor® ("C" Clip function)
The illustrations show the basic function of the tool. For additional information regarding the repair procedures for these second stages, consult the specific manufacturers' repair manuals.

Figure #1: The SeaQuest XR2 and the Aqua Lung Impulse utilize an internal threaded ring that retains the diaphragm and frictionless washer. The two side pins on the tool will index with any two cross holes or slots in the ring and allow it to be rotated in either direction.

Figure #2: The flow vane assembly on all of the above second stages is retained by an internal "C" clip. The forked end of the tool is designed to push on both ends of the clip simultaneously. The clip can be removed from either the diaphragm or the mouthpiece side of the housing. If the clip is removed via the mouthpiece channel, the tool can be rested flat against the housing. This method eliminates the possibility of the tool digging into the housing. The only disadvantage to removing the clip from this side, is that the open end of the clip must be turned so that it faces in the opposite direction.

Figure #3: The "C" clip can only be installed from the mouthpiece side of the second stage. The forked end of the tool has a machined ledge to hold the "C" clip. Press the clip into the ledge by applying pressure that will slightly spread the forks. This spring tension will retain the clip while it is being positioned. Push the clip onto the molded groove on the flow vane body. Be sure that the clip is fully installed and locked in place. The watertight integrity of the housing relies on this assembly.

"C" Clip Tool

SI-20187200    $21.00



Genesis Pressure Test Tool

The Genesis Pressure Test Tool is designed to check the internal schrader valve function after the GS 2000 first stage is completely assembled. The tool assembly consists of a syringe, o'ring sealed pressure cap, and vinyl connecting tube. Proper use of this test tool requires an intermediate pressure gauge (not included). The pressure cap seals against the outer first stage boot by using firm downward hand pressure. With the pressure cap sealed, the syringe can be rapidly depressed to momentarily apply pressure to the internal diaphragm. The diaphragm will activate the schrader valve causing the intermediate pressure to surge upward 5-10 psi. The IP will return to lock up pressure when the syringe plunger motion stops. The above procedure assimilates the effect of increasing/decreasing ambient water pressure. A continuous leak from the schrader valve can also be tested with this tool assembly. Simply seal the pressure cap against the first stage and watch to see if the syringe plunger is pushed upward out of the syringe barrel. The Genesis Pressure Test Tool is shipped partially assembled. Complete testing procedures are included with each tool.



Genesis Pressure Tool

SI-20650400    $30.00


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