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High Pressure Manager


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The heart of the H.P. Manager is an Aqua Environment® piston type, reducing regulator. This regulator is rated at 6000 psi input with a variable output from 0-5000 psi. The regulator is self-venting (pressure is relieved internally when the output pressure is decreased). The regulator is equipped with two high pressure gauges for monitoring both input and output pressures. The input port is located on the left side of the regulator and includes a ¼” High Pressure Parker ST Brass Male QDC fitting that can be connected directly to a high pressure supply line with an optional H.P. hose assembly.

The valve utilized in the H.P. Manager is a 232 bar (3400 psi) standard SCUBA tank valve. This tank valve can be quickly converted to accept 3000 psi yoke style connections as well as both 200 bar and 300 bar DIN systems.

The tank valve and reducing regulator are mounted in a rugged pedestal bracket. The top plate is machined to form two compression clamps that retain the regulator and threaded valve standoff. The angle of the top plate can be adjusted and locked into position by an adjustment handle to suit the sightline of the operator. This adjustable feature also permits the bracket to be mounted horizontally on the work bench top or vertically on a wall surface.

High Pressure Manager


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