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Dual Drive Inline Adjusting Tool

The Dual Drive Adjusting Tool is designed to fit "both slotted and hex broached orifices".The slotted drive bit is machined to index with all slotted orifices. This includes Oceanic® and older orifices that utilize a narrow drive slot (.034").
The hex drive bit will fit all 3/16"-5mm (.188-.197) broached orifices. The bit is machined with a slight taper to accommodate this size range.

To change the tool from slotted to hex drive, simply reverse the fitting on the end of the tool. Since this fitting seals internally, it is installed "hand tight" and no tools are required to make the conversion (see illustration).

Pneumatically Balanced:
The Dual Drive Adjusting Tool utilizes a "flow through" spool. The flow through design balances the air pressure between the hose and the second stage. By equalizing the forces acting on the spool, it can be easily moved in either direction and will remain stationary in any position. This feature means that when the spool is moved inward, to index the drive bit with the orifice, it will "stay put" without any hand pressure. Eliminating the need to push inward adds a tremendous level of sensitivity and touch when orifice adjustments are made.

Deep Reach Feature: The knurled knob can be moved off center to allow the slotted drive end of the tool to reach deeper orifices. This knob position is seldom required and is used only for second stages such as AquaLung Arctic, Genesis Sidekick, and Oceanic Inline Slimline.


Dual Drive Adjusting Tool

SI-20500200    $110.00


Oceanic First Stage Wrench

The Oceanic Spanner Wrench is a dual function tool that is used in the disassembly/assembly of Genesis first stages.

The crescent spanner is an open end wrench that fits the outside diameter of the inline first stage. The drive pin can be indexed in any of the perimeter ambient holes, and the wrench can be used to turn the cap in either direction.

The three pin socket spanner is designed to fit the cap on the 900 first stage. The socket diameter fits the cap and the three drive pins can be indexed with any three of the blind holes in the end of the cap. The cap can be both removed and installed with this spanner.

The Oceanic First Stage Wrench is machined from aluminum bar stock and fitted with stainless steel pins.


Oceanic First Stage Wrench

SI-20600200    $25.00


Oceanic Poppet Tool Kit

The Poppet Tool Kit is designed to assist the technician in the assembly, disassembly, and adjustment of the demand valve components.

The kit consists of a special wrench for starting and adjusting the nyloc nut, and a poppet drive tool for turning the poppet from the outside of the case. The poppet drive tool also retains the poppet and spring without inward hand pressure.

Note: This tool kit can be used on all models of Genesis second stages. To conserve space, only one second stage is shown in the illustration.

The wrench is machined aluminum and the poppet drive assembly is chrome plated brass with a molded knob.


Oceanic Poppet Tool Kit

SI-20640100    $55.00


Oceanic Cover Rim Clamp

The Cover Rim Clamp is designed to assist the technician in removing second stage diaphragm retaining rims that can not be normally removed by hand.

The clamp is machined with two different size internal ledges to fit all Genesis GS2000, Atlas, Octopus, and Oceanic Gamma2, Explorer, GT second stages. The ledges are sized to fit the rims exactly to help prevent rim distortion during removal. After the rim has been installed into the clamp, the clamp can be "squeezed gently" in a bench vise to keep the rim from slipping while it is removed.

The Cover Rim Clamp is machined from aluminium bar stock and vibratory finished to remove all burrs.


Oceanic Cover Rim Clamp

SI-20680200    $23.00


Oceanic Rim Clamp

The Oceanic rim clamp is designed to assist the technician in removing second stage diaphragm retaining rings that can not be removed by hand. This clamp fits the larger Alpha 7 Oceanic second stages that utilize a plastic rim. It will not fit the metal rims used on the Delta 3 second stage.

The clamp is used by pressing the rim all the way into the clamp until the rim is against the recessed ledge. The clamp is then positioned in a bench vise with the split side of the clamp between the jaws (see illustration). When the vise is "gently" tightened, the clamp squeezes the rim evenly around the entire circumference. This uniform pressure firmly grips the rim without distorting the second stage housing. The second stage housing can now be used to dislodge and unthread the rim.

The Oceanic Rim Clamp is machined from aluminum alloy and vibratory finished. Instructions are included with the clamp.


Oceanic Rim Clamp

SI-20800200    $23.00


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