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Regulator Break-In Fixture


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After rebuilding the first and second stages of a regulator, final regulator adjustments cannot be effectively completed until both first stage HP seat and second stage poppet have taken a set.

The SCUBA Instruments Regulator Break-In Fixture is designed to set newly replaced poppets and HP seats by automatically cycling the regulator.

The SCUBA Instruments Regulator Break-In Fixture will break-in one first stage and two second stages at a rate of approximately 120 cycles per minute. If two second stages are cycled at a time, the first stage cycle rate is doubled (240 CPM). An 80% set can be achieved in approximately 1 minute.

The SCUBA Instruments Regulator Break-In Fixture is electronic/pneumatic operated and runs on 100-240 VAC, 50–60 HZ power and a low pressure (100-150 psi) air supply. This low pressure can be generated by a low pressure port on a diving regulator, a pressure reducing regulator, or a standard low pressure air compressor. Use compressed air only! Not for Oxygen or enriched air.

Regulator Break-In Fixture


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