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Scubapro® Multi-Tool

This combination spline, cap, and pin spanner tool does it all. It is designed for both the repair bench and travel tool kit.

The hose spline wrench slides firmly over Scubapro® swivel hose ends and will not mar the chrome finish, even with repeated use.

The crescent shaped cuts in the sides of the Multi-Tool form first stage cap wrenches. They are machined in two different diameters and will fit all Scubapro® first stages.

Two pin spanners positioned on either side of the Multi-Tool fit most Scubapro® first and second stage caps and plugs.


Multi-Tool Aluminum

SI-20100200    $50.00


Scubapro® Air 2 Seat Slider

The Air 2 Seat Slider serves as a multiple function tool for 2nd and 3rd generation Scubapro® Air 2's.

The center notch and tabs are used to remove the recessed cover from the 3rd generation Air 2.

The rounded end of the tool can be used to remove a variety of plugs on both Air 2s and the balanced power inflator.

The tool can also be used to install the combination dump exhaust seat on the 2nd generation Air 2. The slot is used to hold the spring, o'ring, and washer in place while the seat is slid along the tool surface. This procedure is explained in detail on the instructions included with the tool.


Air 2 Seat Slider

SI-20125200    $15.00



Scubapro® Piston Bullet

The Piston Bullet is designed to guide the piston easily into Scubapro® first stages without damaging the internal piston stem o'ring.

The bullet is inserted into the end of the piston allowing the major diameter to completely cover the knife edge on the end of the piston. Once the piston is installed, the bullet can be removed from the opposite end of the first stage.


Piston Bullet, Brass

SI-20140100    $7.00


Mark 5 / Mark 10 O'ring Tool Kit

This tool kit is designed to assist the technician in the installation of the Mk5/Mk10 piston stem o’ring.

The kit consists of three separate tools.
The O’ring Stop Tool and Guide Bushing are machined with two different ends to work in conjunction with both the Scubapro Mk5 and Mk10 first stages. The appropriate end of both tools “must” be used correctly to insure correct installation of this o’ring. The Push Rod is universal and is used with both first stages. The bottom illustration shows the Mk10 first stage body and Guide Bushing cutaway. The Mk5 installation procedure is identical to the Mk10 procedure. - Install the o'ring in the appropriate end of the guide bushing. - Insert the Guide Bushing and o'ring into the first stage body. The hole in the center of the Guide Bushing aligns precisely with the hole in the first stage body. - The Push Rod is used to gently tamp the o'ring downward against the O'Ring Stop Tool.

The o'ring will be forced sideways into the o'ring groove completing installation. The Mk5/Mk10 O'ring Tool Kit is shipped with complete instructions for tool use.


Mark 5 / Mark 10 O'ring Tool Kit

SI-20275400    $25.00


Scubapro Mk20/Mk25 Assembly Tool

The Mark 20 Assembly tool is used to install the piston stem bushing system and retain the bushing system while the piston is inserted into the main body.

The top illustration to the right shows the relationship of the tool and bushing system before the parts are installed into the main body. The parts are positioned on the tool against the first ledge and then the tool is used to insert the entire bushing system inside the main body.

The bottom illustration shows the opposite end of the tool inserted into the main body. The tool is drawn in cutaway view to expose the internal hole in the end of the tool. In this position, the tool holds the bushing system in place while the piston is installed from the other side of the main body. It is recommended that the tool be left in this position until the swivel body is threaded onto the main body. The tool can then be removed without disturbing the location of the bushing system.


Mark 20 Assembly Tool

SI-20150200    $18.00


Scubapro Mark 15 Bushing Tool

The Mark 15 Bushing Tool is used to install the bushing components in the Scubapro® Mark 15 first stage and assist in the installation of the piston stem o'ring in the Scubapro® Mark 10 and Mark 10plus.

The top illustration shows the bushing components in relationship to the tool. Installation is accomplished by sliding the bushings and o'ring on the tool ledge and then inserting them into the main body. The tool should be retracted with a rotational motion to prevent dislodging the parts.

The bottom illustration shows the pointed end of the tool inserted into the main body of the Scubapro® Mark 10 first stage. With the tool in place, the piston stem o'ring can be easily installed from the opposite end.


Mark 15 Bushing Tool

SI-20145200    $14.50


Scubapro Mark 16/Mark 18 First Stage Tool

The Scubapro Mark 16/Mark 18 First Stage Tool is designed to assist the technician in several assembly and disassembly operations. These functions are:

Removal and installation of the HP seat.
Removal and installation of the balancing chamber.
Installation of the balanced chamber washer and o’ring.

Removing the seat:
The stepped end of the tool is inserted into the first stage body so that the intermediate ledge on the tool shaft blocks the hole in the center of the HP seat. A rubber tipped blow gun is positioned on the opposite side of the first stage body, so that the tip is sealed against the center air flow port. While holding the tool in place against the seat, tap the blow gun trigger gently. The seat can be completely removed with a small o’ring pick.

Installing the HP seat :
The HP seat assembly can be easily installed in the first stage body by placing the seat assembly onto the small end of the shaft and pushing it fully into the internal ledge in the first stage body.

Removing/Installing the balancing chamber:
One end of the brass tool body has been machined to index with the recessed balanced chamber flats. The balanced chamber can be easily removed and installed with this tool feature. The balanced chamber utilizes standard right hand threads.

Installing the balancing chamber washer and o’ring:
The recommended method for reassembling the Mark 16 pressure control components is to insert the small washer and o’ring into the balanced chamber. This is done using the small ledge on the tool shaft. The poppet assembly (poppet, poppet guide, spring, and washer) is inserted into the first stage and centered before the balanced chamber, washer, and o’ring are threaded into place. Installing the larger washer with the poppet assembly helps to insure that the poppet stem will be accurately guided into the balancing chamber and through the o’ring and smaller washer.


Scubapro Mark 16/Mark 18 First Stage Tool

SI-20270100    $30.00



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