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Air Source T-Tool

The SeaQuest® Air Source T-Tool is a three function tool used in the disassembly/assembly of the Air Source breathable inflator. The small pin spanner is used to capture the quick disconnect plug and the large pin spanner removes and installs the recessed inflator bezel. The cross tee is designed with a drive bit and shoulder to locate the crown (orifice) inside the crown housing at the correct preset depth (see Figure #1).

The main body of the T-Tool is machined from solid acetal plastic and the cross tee is anodized aluminum. The pins are 302 stainless steel and the cross tee is retained by a stainless steel set screw.

Air Source T-Tool


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Air Source Oral Inflator Assembly Tool

This tool provides a method of compressing the Air Source oral inflation components so that they can be installed into the housing. When this mechanism is held in compression, the soft cover can be accurately positioned and sealed into the housing. This operation is critical to the watertight integrity of the SeaQuest Air Source.

Figure #1 illustrates the oral inflator components and the proper order of assembly. The oral plate screw is used to clamp the parts together.

Figure #2 shows how the tool drive slot compresses the parts to the proper height for final assembly in the case. Do not overtighten this screw! The threads are very delicate and may strip if too much torque is applied.

Figure #3 shows a full cutaway of the compressed oral inflator components with the soft cover installed.

Figure #4 features the final assembly of the oral inflator components into the Air Source housing. The tool not only holds the parts in compression, but also serves as a driver to thread the oral bezel into place. After installation, the screw and tool are removed from the bottom side of the housing.

Air Source Oral Inflator Assembly Tool


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Air Source Cover Tool

The SeaQuest® Air Source Cover Tool provides three functions related to the disassembly/assembly of the Air Source breathable inflator.

The tabs on the slotted end of the tool index with the purge cover and the retaining ring simultaneously. The drive pins on the opposite side of the tool are used to remove the exhaust cap (see Figure #1).

The assembly post, mounted in the center of the tool, is designed to hold the poppet and spring compressed while the lock nut is installed (see Figure #2).

The tool body and assembly post are machined from aluminum and the drive pins are zinc plated steel. Complete instructions are packaged with the tool.


Air Source Cover Tool


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"C" Clip Tool

The "C" Clip Tool is designed to assist in the disassembly/assembly of the following second stages:

SeaQuest® XR2® (all tool functions)
Aqua Lung® Impulse® (all tool functions)
Aqua Lung Micra®-Micra ADJ®
("C" Clip function)
Genesis® Valor® ("C" Clip function)
The illustrations show the basic function of the tool. For additional information regarding the repair procedures for these second stages, consult the specific manufacturers' repair manuals.

Figure #1: The SeaQuest XR2 and the Aqua Lung Impulse utilize an internal threaded ring that retains the diaphragm and frictionless washer. The two side pins on the tool will index with any two cross holes or slots in the ring and allow it to be rotated in either direction.

Figure #2: The flow vane assembly on all of the above second stages is retained by an internal "C" clip. The forked end of the tool is designed to push on both ends of the clip simultaneously. The clip can be removed from either the diaphragm or the mouthpiece side of the housing. If the clip is removed via the mouthpiece channel, the tool can be rested flat against the housing. This method eliminates the possibility of the tool digging into the housing. The only disadvantage to removing the clip from this side, is that the open end of the clip must be turned so that it faces in the opposite direction.

Figure #3: The "C" clip can only be installed from the mouthpiece side of the second stage. The forked end of the tool has a machined ledge to hold the "C" clip. Press the clip into the ledge by applying pressure that will slightly spread the forks. This spring tension will retain the clip while it is being positioned. Push the clip onto the molded groove on the flow vane body. Be sure that the clip is fully installed and locked in place. The watertight integrity of the housing relies on this assembly.

"C"Clip & Retaining Ring Tool


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Quad Spanner Wrench

The Quad Spanner Wrench is specifically designed to aid in the disassembly/assembly of the Pioneer®, Nordic®, Century®, Infinity®, Mirage®, and Aquarius® first stages. The tool includes 4 different spanner wrenches that fit the pin holes in the various components of these regulators. The illustrations to the right show the appropriate use of each spanner and the relationship of the parts as they are disassembled. These drawings are self-explanatory for all spanner applications.

All Quad Spanner pins are replaceable should they become damaged. A complete replacement set of pins is included for your convenience. The worn or damaged pins can be removed with a standard 1/8" punch. It is important to remove the damaged portion of the pin with a file or bench grinder before attempting to drive the pin out of the wrench. This will prevent enlarging the pin hole and maintain a secure fit for the replacement pin.

The Quad Spanner Wrench is machined from aluminum and anodized


Quad Spanner Wrench, Aluminum


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