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Tusa Wrench Set (2)

Disassemble, Assemble, & Torque TusaŽ S40 - S50 Second stages. The TusaŽ Wrench Set provides a variety of specialized functions for the repair of the Tusa S-40, S-50, and R-300 regulators.

The wrenches feature a 19mm and 22.5mm open end design for removing, installing, and torquing second stage components that can not be accessed with a standard wrench. The wrenches can be used either individually or together to service these parts. One of the wrenches has a center broached square hole that allows either size wrench to used as a torque extension (crowsfoot). The other wrench features a pin spanner in the center of the wrench for removing/installing the adjusting screw assembly on the R-300 first stage. The Tusa Wrench Set is machined from high strength aluminum alloy, and the pin spanner utilizes removable SS tension pins. Shipped with complete instructions including the method of calculating torque when using a torque extension.


Tusa Wrench Set (2)


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TusaŽ R400 & ScubaproŽ Mk16 Socket
Fits: TusaŽ R400 & “New” Scubapro Mk 16 First Stages

This socket will fit the Tusa R-400 first stage and the “new” Scubapro Mk 16 first stages. The “new” designator refers to Mk16s that have a 10 hole diaphragm retainer cap (see illustration for more details)

The socket is machined from aluminum alloy and has two 6mm SS cap screws located 180 degrees apart. With the screws retracted, the socket will fit over the cap. Once installed on the first stage, the screws are hand threaded in the two adjacent holes and serve as drive pins to remove, install, and torque the diaphragm retaining cap. The center hole is broached 3/8” square and will fit any 3/8” drive torque wrench. No extension is required for driving this socket.


R-400/Mk16 Socket


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Flow Vane Removal Tool
Fits: TusaŽ S-60 & Scubapro R380/390 Second Stages
The Flow Vane Removal Tool is designed to remove the flow vane assembly on the TusaŽ S-60 and the ScubaproŽ R380/390 second stages.

The procedure for using this tool requires that the flow reducer be removed. The tool is then inserted inside the mouthpiece shank with the slot in the end of the tool bridging over the flow vane. The bend in the tool is used as a fulcrum against the inside of the mouthpiece shank. By applying pressure on the tool handle, in the direction indicated, the flow vane assembly can be pushed out of the second stage housing. In this position, the flow vane assembly can be completely removed by hand. After servicing the o’ring, the flow vane assembly can be snapped back into place. Note: Be certain that the crescent shaped cut in the flow vane is facing out toward the mouthpiece shank when it is reinstalled.

The Flow Vane Removal Tool is fabricated from brass rod and vibratory finished.

Flow Vane Removal Tool


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TusaŽ S-60 & ScubaproŽ
R380/R390 Cover Key

This Cover Key is designed to fit the TusaŽ S-60 and ScubaproŽ R380/390 second stage covers. It may also fit other Scubapro second stages.

The drive tabs on the cover key are inserted into any two adjacent cover holes. The tool can then be rotated in either direction to remove/install the cover. Important note: These two second stage covers are “pinned “ to the second stage housing. The pin must be removed before the cover can be loosened (locking pin not shown).

The Cover Key is machined from aluminum bar stock and vibratory finished to remove all sharp edges.

S60/R380 Cover Key


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TusaŽ S-40/S-50 Cover Tool
Remove, Install, & Torque Cover & Ring Components

This TusaŽ Cover Tool is a multifunction tool for removing, installing, and torquing both the outer covers and diaphragm retaining rings on the TusaŽ S-40 and S-50 second stages.

The “three pin” side of the tool will index with the outer covers, and the “two pin” side of the tool fits the holes in the recessed diaphragm retaining ring.

The cross tee handle of the tool is broached 1/4” hex. This feature allows the tool to be used in conjunction with a torque wrench to achieve the proper assembly tension. A 1/4” hex key socket is required between the torque wrench and the broached center hole (not included).

The body of the tool is machined from nylon tube and the cross tee handle is aluminum. Shipped with instructions.


Tusa S-40/S-50 Cover Tool


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ScubaproŽ/TusaŽ Spider 2 Tool

The Spider 2 tool is designed to do four special jobs required in the disassembly, assembly, and adjustment of the TusaŽ Duo-Air and the ScubaproŽ Air 2.

Figure #1: The tool gets its name from the special machined socket that fits the external webs of the plastic spider. The spider is threaded into the main housing in a recessed cavity on the underside of the main housing. The socket indexes over the small external portion of the webs and allows the spider to be removed/installed without removing the exhaust valve or damaging the spider itself.

Figure #2: The top of the Spider #2 is machined into a pre-assembly post that holds the poppet and spring in the depressed position while the bushing, lever, washer, and nut are installed. It is nearly impossible to hold the poppet and spring in this position without this tool because of its recessed location.

Figure #3: The long straight end of the allen wrench cross handle is used to adjust the position of the downstream orifice after the unit is completely assembled in the housing. The "L" shaped end of the allen wrench can be used to dislodge the cover pin so that the cover can be unthreaded from the main housing. The allen wrench is retained in the body by a stainless steel set screw.

The Spider 2 tool is machined from solid brass and the zinc plated allen wrench is retained in the body by a stainless steel set screw. Body is a natural brass finish.


Spider #2 (Tusa Duo-Air)


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