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Hook Spanners

Universal Fit For All First Stages
The set includes a progressive diameter range from 1.3" - 1.6" by .1" increments. The wrenches are numbered based on the diameter of the arc.

The hook pin is a ¼-20 stainless steel set screw pin that comes in two pin diameters (.125"&.144”) to better facilitate varying spanner holes in first stage bodies. The body of the wrench is machined from 3/8" thick aluminum alloy. This combination produces a strong mar resistant tool that is easy on the hands and a pleasure to use.

Picking the right wrench (#3 -#6) for the job is a simple matter of using the one that is just slightly smaller than the diameter of the first stage body. This procedure allows the wrench to contact the body in two places, at the pin and the heel of the crescent. These two points are located more than 90 degrees apart causing the spanner to lock firmly against the first stage body. This feature reduces the possibility of slipping out of the hole and scratching the first stage.


Set of 4 Hook Spanners

SI-20410200    $55.00



First Stage Handle

The First Stage Handle is designed to be used on all diving industry first stages. When this tool is threaded into a HP or LP port, it forms a solid handle allowing easy removal/replacement of yoke nuts, piston caps, and swivel retainers. The stainless steel cross tee provides a leverage point for tightening and loosening the handle. The threaded ends are stainless steel, socket, set screws which can be replaced if damaged. The flats in the center portion allow the handle to be captured in a bench vise to form an assembly post. This eliminates the necessity of clamping the regulator or regulator parts directly in the vise.


First Stage Handle

SI-20115100    $65.00



Thin Wrench - Less Than 1/8" Thick

Maximum Torque not to exceed 35 Ft. Lbs.
Some regulator and instrument manufacturers utilize a thin hex nut to lock components in place. These nuts are sometimes called "half" or "jam nuts". Standard wrenches are often too thick to capture these reduced thickness nuts.

This tool is machined from 10 gauge (about 1/8") 4130 alloy steel that has been hardened and Electro-less Nickel plated. It incorporates a series of slots that are sized to fit both inch and metric hex jam nuts (top illustration). The best approach, to using this wrench, is to clamp the Thin Wrench in a bench vice with the appropriate slot slightly exposed beyond the vice jaws. Slide the jam nut completely into the slot and use a standard wrench to loosen the full thickness nut. While the use of jam nut assemblies is not widespread, the Thin Wrench can be useful when the occasion arises.

Limitations: This tool is not to be used as a substitute for standard wrenches. The thin profile reduces the strength of the tool. Torque values greater than 35 ft. lbs. will likely distort the wrench slot or round off the corners of the nut. If the jam nut assembly is corroded, it is best to presoak the assembly before attempting to disassemble the parts.


Thin Wrench

SI-20100500    $30.00



27-17mm First Stage Wrench

Fits Imported First Stages Including Poseidon®

The 27-17mm First Stage Wrench fits two popular metric first stage cap sizes. It also features two internal 3/8" drive holes for using a torque wrench to precisely tighten the caps. The overall thickness of the wrench is .162" - .165" (8 gauge). This thickness is reduced on the 17mm end to .125" (1/8") in the area where the wrench engages the nut or side slots.

The addition of a crowsfoot, or multiplier, to a standard torque wrench changes the torque value of the wrench. This change in torque value must be factored in when setting the wrench to achieve an accurate torque on the assembly. Each specific torque wrench will be affected by the multiplier based upon its handle length and the length of the multiplier. The bottom illustration shows the correct formula for calculating this variation. This formula solves the equation for the correct torque setting on the torque wrench (C) to achieve the specified torque by the manufacturer (D). The length of the torque wrench handle (A) is the distance between the center of the hand grip to the center of the 3/8" drive. The length of the multiplier for both ends of the 27-17mm First Stage Wrench is 1.5" (B). After determining the length of your torque wrench (A), divide A by A+B and then multiply this factor times D (specified torque). In all cases, the actual torque wrench setting will be slightly less than the manufacturer's specified torque. This calculation is explained in more detail in the instructions included with the wrench.

The wrench is machined from 4130 alloy steel, hardened to Rockwell C-45, Electro-less Nickel plated and has a maximum torque rating of 60 ft. lbs.



27-17mm First Stage Wrench

SI-20900500    $42.00



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